Sometimes I Cook

I truly enjoy cooking, I just don’t have too much spare time to do so, unless it’s summer time. This summer, Spence and I decided to go vegan. Spence is much better at it than I am, I would like to say I am better at being a vegetarian considering I like to snack on cheese while having wine and visiting with friends. But, this week I did much better.
I pulled out my trusty “Cooking Light Way to Cook Vegetarian” cookbook (and a glass of wine) and got started. Read more


The Meaning of Play

Scenes from Saturday:

Yesterday’s activities gave me sometime to relax and reflect on my new readings. Read more


National Dance Day

Wow! I love the Olympics! The gymnast in me cannot help but revel in the glory of these Olympians and their dreams. Not only the gymnasts, but all of the athletes. I would be lying if I told you that I could make it through all two weeks of the Olympics without shedding a tear while watching someone achieve their dream and listening to our national anthem. I’m also becoming a pro at whistling the Olympic Anthem, although I’m sure if you asked Spencer he would completely disagree with you! Read more


Moving along . . .

I have been searching counseling blogs to gather inspiration from others across my state. I came across one blog that posted a great informational brochure available to parents, teachers, and community agencies. The brochure laid out the program, it’s guiding principles, and contact information. It was such an informational brochure that I decided I would make one of my own. It is in it’s very beginning stages so any help/advice would be greatly appreciated (especially from parents). Read more


The Art of the Relationship

I would like everyone to meet my new friend . . . Read more


Beach Front Property

Since I vowed to continue my summer break for the duration of this week and not return to move boxes and set up my room until next week, I decided I would update you on my painting habit. Now, don’t get me wrong I will return to my promised progress as a school counselor and show pictures of my room transformation (yes I said room, not office)! I have been very blessed to have been given a full room to counsel in, one in which I can fit 15 energetic boys, in fact I have seen it happen! Read more


Here we go . . .

Starting a blog seemed like quite the thing to do . . . but what to write about? Read more