Here we go . . .

Starting a blog seemed like quite the thing to do . . . but what to write about?

There is always the food blog, but I currently only follow recipes from my handy Cooking Light cookbooks. There is always the option of writing about my family, which consists of four people far away in Colorado, a precious little canine, Ocean, and my boyfriend Spence. This would be a wonderful thing to write about if I actually spent any time at home! Well, what consumes my time you ask? As the title might suggest a brand new school counseling job, being a graduate student at the University of St. Thomas, dancing any chance I get, and painting/drawing with any spare second left.

So. . . I decided I’d develop a blog chronicling my first year as a school counselor. Why not! As a teacher, year after year, I would ask myself, “Now what did I do on the first day of school?”, “How did I successfully teach that no you may not construct a mechanical pencil out of empty pens during our Grammar lesson?”, and “What unit did I decide to push to the end of the year? Why did I decide to do it in the first place?”

In an effort to remind myself of all the great days and recognize my (well let’s just say) not so great days, I wanted this blog to not only help me, but perhaps help other first year counselors see that if I can possibly counsel in a school full of grass-stained, rebel-laced (one of my favorite boy adjectives thanks to Carolyn) elementary-aged boys, then YES they can do it too! Here’s to hoping all goes as planned. . but who am I kidding? In a school full of boys, things rarely ever go as planned . . . and if you can’t sit on the play ground and watch a conga line while requesting that 3 of your students, “Get their heads out of there,” and listen as the “Sugar Bunnies” attack unexpecting victims, then your day has yet to begin . . .

(Also, I promise to take better pictures than this! I was just too excited to post so this iPhone photo will have to do!)


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