The Meaning of Play

Scenes from Saturday:

Yesterday’s activities gave me sometime to relax and reflect on my new readings.

Even though it was Saturday, I felt a little guilty for not working out, cleaning the house, crossing off items on my to-do list (which is pages long), and sitting down to do some reading and research for this new position. Yet, Garry Landreth’s words about play kept creeping back into my mind. Although Landreth describes play in children’s terms, I cannot help but recognize it’s vital importance in everyone’s daily life.

Work is goal focused and directed towards accomplishment, or a completion of certain tasks. Goals and tasks are determined by the immediate environment and circumstances. Play in a child’s world is intrinsically complete. Play does not depend on external rewards, it allows a child to discharge energy, prepare for life’s duties, achieve difficult goals, and relieve frustrations. Children are able to gain balance and control in their lives, as they are in control of the happenings within their play environment. Can’t the same be held true for adults? Can’t we find the balance in our own lives to not feel guilty when a little pleasure presents itself?

Just some Sunday ponderings as I prepare myself to go back to work tomorrow. . . Although I do get to look forward to unpacking boxes. It’ll be like Christmas seeing all of my classroom supplies that have been packed away for 2 months, not no mention all of my new counseling toys and tools!

2 thoughts on “The Meaning of Play

  1. Great article Kallie… while pointing out the importance gaining mastery and control in one’s environment, may I add that play is a flow activity, without particular goals and mastery comes perhaps from problem-solving within the flow… just a thought…

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