Sometimes I Cook

I truly enjoy cooking, I just don’t have too much spare time to do so, unless it’s summer time. This summer, Spence and I decided to go vegan. Spence is much better at it than I am, I would like to say I am better at being a vegetarian considering I like to snack on cheese while having wine and visiting with friends. But, this week I did much better.
I pulled out my trusty “Cooking Light Way to Cook Vegetarian” cookbook (and a glass of wine) and got started.

Dinner 1: Vegan Roasted Vegetable Pizza

Dinner 2: Quinoa with Leeks and Shiitake Mushrooms

All in all, they were delicious and vegan . . . a great combination. (If you want the recipes, I’d be happy to give them to you, because even being gluten-free and vegan these recipes are keepers!)
I started painting last night while watching Gymnastics Qualifiers.

It doesn’t look like much now, but I promise it will.

Also, visited work today and look what I found . . .

Yes, yes that is a wolf in sheep’s clothing puppet!


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