Toys, Toys, Everywhere!

Okay, let’s get a few things straight:

1. I am extremely scholarly. Why? Well, because I can read two books at one time and not get them confused. Graduate school has taught me well! You have been acquainted with my first book, but it’s hard to understand my complete love of Tina Fey’s Bossypants unless you actually pick it up to read it and realize that you are laughing through every last page of it! I’m serious, you need to pick this book up if not only for the chapter about her honeymoon, beauty tips, and the best things about being skinny and fat.

2. Yes, I did cry last night while watching the U.S. Women’s Gymnastics team win gold. And no it was not a few glistening tears down my cheek, it was full blow sobbing. Like I said earlier, the Olympics are extremely inspiring to me, people work their whole lives for that moment.

I’m actively looking for an old gymnastics photo to show you want an avid gymnast I was back in the day! Maybe that could better explain all the tears, but it probably won’t. . . it’ll only show you how amazing I looked in a leotard.

3. I went to see my new classroom yesterday. Staring at a completely blank room void of tables, chairs, and desks is a little intimidating.

It all started with this:

And it ended with this:

You want a close up of those toys? Here it is!

I know it doesn’t look like much, but I’m still missing all of my boxes and furniture from my old room (no it’s not THE 3rd grade room, it is definitely still MY old room!). Here are a couple of my plans. . .

Well actually before moving on you have to know something about me, besides being a perfectionist, I am a CRAZY organizer so let me tell you how much I love this blog! Also, with toys piled up that high, I will need some serious organization going on!

Plan #1: I built 2 IKEA shelves yesterday. I plan to turn them into benches, like this:

(courtesy of iHeartorganizing blog)

Plan #2: I’m going to hand paint something similar to these:

Plan #3: I’m going to sew curtain that might look something like this:

But mine will be cream, spring green, and brown . . .

Well, off to continue working on this room of mine considering it currently only contains 2 shelves and a boatload of toys!

2 thoughts on “Toys, Toys, Everywhere!

  1. Sounds like you have wonderful plans…made me think that I must have driven you crazy when we shared a room. I can take or leave organization! Be sure to post AFTER pictures!

  2. Marg, you did not drive me crazy! I would have to say we had a pretty sound routine in our room considering all we had to deal with those two years!

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