Jump Right In

Does this . . .

stress anyone else out?

Well, it stressed me out yesterday. So, I promptly packed up my stuff and left work.

Also, I must inform you about that giant bear you see. Last year, as I was out at morning recess duty, I saw this bear exiting the car. The thought in my head was, “Oh that poor teacher is going to have to find a place for that bear in her room.” Because you know when a student gives you a bear that big as your end of the year gift, you better bet he is coming back next year to see it, so you better still have it somewhere. Anyways, as the bear rounded the corner, the child carrying it was none other than one of my students. With a little laugh the other teacher out at duty patted me on the back. But to be quite honest, now I don’t know how I ever got along without that bear. He’s kind of like the Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing puppet, that has already been renamed Wolfie by a child up at school.

Anyways, I couldn’t stand in that mess, sans table, and even think about where to start. I needed a sleepless night to do that for me.

Instead, I came home and painted while listening to some No Doubt (old school style). I guess this is where I found my stress release since I was 5 years old, so I continue to turn to it when times get rough. My motto, “When the going gets tough, the tough starts painting.” Okay, not really my motto, but I said it in my head 100 times and laughed every time (sometimes I get a kick out of myself). There is something about it’s ease and ability to transform that mesmerizes me. Except for, the painting is at that point where all the base paint is on and so the painting looks a little wacky, kind of like my room.

Fed up with everything being in the “in between” stages, I put away all my painting supplies and decided on starting something I could actually finish.

So, I made this recipe. Of course I veganized it, but it is delicious! And surprisingly enough, mine almost matched the picture.

Although, despite what I have made it seem, yesterday was not a total waste. Look what I inherited:


So, if you want to stop by, I can make you a plastic lunch in my kitchen and we can sit down to my precious mini-table and have a chat.

Today, I plan to jam to some music while unpacking all those boxes. I get a kick out of organizing (as if you haven’t heard that before). So that is the motivation getting me ready to dive into that pile of stuff. Later today, I’ll visit Joann’s because what classroom doesn’t look better with fabric stapled all over the walls? The answer is none!

Wish me luck . . .

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