Sunday Appreciations

Sunday Appreciations:

1. I got to hang out with my friends all night Friday night. We ate, drank, and played Rock Band! Yes, I seriously played Rock Band and I’m actually really addicted to it! We were probably the best band around, no thanks to my terrible singing considering I missed the whole point until half way through our hour long session, but whatev!

2. My counseling room now looks like this:

3. I built a window in my room.

4. I found coupons in the mail . . . thank goodness considering I have not crossed “buy fabric” off my to-do list yet. I’ll add that to tomorrow’s list which also contains, “Buy new dress.” I know which one will come first if I’m given the choice . . .

5. This photo cracks me up. Thanks mom for sending that!

6. And most importantly . . . Carolyn and I built curtains. Perhaps built is not the right word. Let’s say I had this great idea to sew my own, but being overwhelmed can squelch my creativity. So, I visited my local Walmart (which is NOT a common occurrence) searching for some sort of cheap curtain alternative that was block colored with green, cream, and brown.

I found these:

Accompanied by a little cream fabric, this could work. Originally, we were going to just sew the cream to the bottom of the curtain to get the length I needed which is a whopping 98 inches! In an effort to make this project harder than necessary (and hold Carolyn hostage in my apartment for 5 hours), I decided we needed to cut apart the green and brown to place a band of cream in the middle.

I ate eggrolls and supervised while Carolyn cut.

The rest of the process looked something like this:

I must tell you that I only recently learned how to sew, once again thanks to Carolyn and that was only because I was desperate to turn my GIANT field day t-shirt into a tank top last April (or was it May . . . I’m not going to concern myself with the details).

I would say that being able to complete 100% of this project made this day EXTREMELY productive. And they turned out better than I could have ever imagined they would!

Let’s just say we rewarded ourselves with some pool time and beverages later that afternoon.


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