Workouts and Weddings

Les Mills + Dance class = one seriously hurting body!

I normally work out once a day if not twice. I have that luxury in the summertime considering I only had one summer school course (by far the most relaxing summer I’ve had since I graduated high school).

I am so incredibly addicted to the Les Mills programs at my 24 hour fitness, I don’t even know what I would do without them. I’m kind of addicted to Les Mills classes like others are addicted to Cross Fit.

BodyPump – pure barbell resistance training featuring low weights and high reps

BodyAttack – sports inspired cardio workout

BodyCombat – mixed martial arts cardio workout

Let me tell you what class I desperately need them to add at my local 24 hour fitness, BodyJam. As the name may explain, it is Les Mills version of a dance class!

Besides sounding like I work for this company (although I seriously thought about becoming a trainer), the whole point of telling you this was because after deciding to up my weight in BodyPump Saturday morning, I also decided to go take a dance class for the first time in 2 weeks. As Lauren would say, I definitely had more than a dance hangover! I was hurting so bad on Sunday that the only thing I could manage to do was buy dresses for this wedding I have to attend on Friday and Saturday night.

After a day off . . . it’s back to the gym.


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