Old Oak Tree

Errands . . .

I had many to run since I left everything on my to-do list until yesterday morning.

Thank goodness for coupons, they saved me $20 at Joann’s Fabrics. My strategy was simple – buy as much fabric as humanly possible and cover as many inches of my stained walls as I could.

I also went to Teacher Heaven. Mainly to keep with tradition. You can’t start a school year without spending a good amount of time in some sort of teacher supply store.

But, Teacher Heaven/any teacher supply store in August may just be worse than Walmart. The good news is I did witness a little girl in the border aisle place a package of border around her head, call for her mother, and explain, “Hey mom! Look I’m Jesus,” to which her mother respond, “This is just great.” I couldn’t help but laugh out loud, grab my border, and decided that seeing that little display of childhood imagination made my trip to Teacher Heaven well worth it.


And here is what a little fabric on a couple of walls can do:

I want to paint a giant tree on this green fabric and add little buttons to the branches. I got the idea of Pinterest, they had it all done on a much smaller canvas, but I might as well make a gigantic version.
I clearly ran out of border, but all will be solved with another trip to Teacher Heaven.

It seems as if the theme of my room has turned into “Sitting under the old oak tree.” I’m not sure what these trees did to get me inspired, but it worked.


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