11 Days And Counting

There is nothing worse than “renting” textbooks for a small fortune.

All this reminds me that I do indeed start my last semester of grad school in exactly 11 days.

A while ago, I created a scope and sequence for my new counseling program. It took many more hours then I anticipated, so in an effort to help others, here it is: Elementary Guidance and Counseling Calendar

I was also on a roll yesterday. I made my counselor request sheet for the students. I’m hoping to have a stack of these available in each homeroom. Also, it is definitely in it’s rough draft form, but it ‘s certainly coming along. Please Help Form

We officially start back Monday. I’m going to use tomorrow to relax by the pool and head over to Hip Hop Spin for the last time this summer. I have to make sure that I’m super tan in an attempt to trick people into believing I vacationed in the Caribbean . . . which could have worked if I wasn’t spotted up at school every day for the past 2 weeks . . .

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