Why did I once again decide to tackle body pump and dance all in one Saturday? Well it may be because I thoroughly enjoyed last week’s pain fest or maybe I’m a complete sucker for peer pressure. And by peer pressure I mean Lauren text me, asked if I was going to dance, and my immediate reply was yes. I can’t help myself. I’m also a big advocate for time with friends and an hour of hair flipping.

Besides I’ve had quite the weekend full of wedding festivities so a little extra gym time isn’t going to hurt anyone.

On that note … It’s a good thing I practiced my dance moves because I may have lost little shoe but gained these sunglasses on that dance floor Saturday night.

As I was leaving the party (and begging for another slice of cake) a girl came up to me, “Wow, can you really jump around in those high heels,” she said. I smiled, took pride in her comment, and in my head replied, “Why yes, yes I can!”

And to that I say thank you Kerry. You have taught me well!

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