1st Day Down . . .

What a whirlwind! That’s about the only way to describe today.

I got asked so many times today how I’m liking my new job and all I can really say is BOY IS IT DIFFERENT! The biggest difference being the fact that I maybe sat down for 1 hr total today. The good news is maybe I can weight 5 lbs by the time school lets out next June.
So let’s see before going into my big first day of being a counselor I need you to see this table that I build by hand/one screwdriver (which I also couldn’t have done unless the coaches hadn’t carried the box down the hallway for me).

And in case it isn’t obvious the legs are green! Yes, it is the little things in life  . . .

Before the first day even started, I did set up my “Bucket Fillers” board as well.

Okay so ya ya ya I set up my room, I’m pretty sure we’ve all known that was happening all summer, but now I get to tell you what a real life (elementary) counselor does on her first day of work. It looked a little bit like this:

1. I stood at morning carpool coffee in hand, smile on my face, and opened the doors for the boys as they got out of the car in the morning. Originally I was dreading this duty more than I can even explain to you, but let me tell you, besides the sweat dripping down my back at 7:30 this morning, this was actually my favorite part of the day! It was so fun to be the first teacher/counselor they got to see that morning, which inevitable warranted a hug, and if you don’t know by now I really love getting hugs from the little ones.

2. After everyone had gotten situated, I ran around to all Early Childhood, Lower School, and Middle School teachers handing out their accommodation folders. These folders took me all day yesterday to complete. A feat mostly completed thanks to hard work from last year by our Admissions director. I was thankful because 9-4 working on a computer and I needed a walker to get out of there yesterday. Probably another joke thanks to my grandma, but who’s to know.

Just to give you a little insight, the folder process was stacked EVERYWHERE!

Let’s just say I can’t wait until my filing cabinet gets here on Monday.

3. The oddest part of my day was not having a homeroom/class in general. As I walked around passing out the folders, I missed all those eager faces. I missed teaching on that first day of school until I entered a second grade classroom. I sat down to visit and was interrupted by a little boy in the middle of the carpet who, without thinking twice, turned to his neighbor and asked, “Can you give me a massage?” To which I thought thank goodness I no longer have to respond, “Giving massages during instruction is not appropriate.”

4. Oh also, I am in the same hallway as the 3 and 4 year olds. Let me tell you how many times my heart melted today as I listened to them. It was also pretty hysterical.

5. I got a Red Sack Snack Pack.

6. I actually completed the final touches of my parent brochure. Just waiting for my mom/English teacher/counselor/principal/administrator to finish editing it.

7. I began the first chapter in my developmental guidance program, which is a little difficult to start from scratch, but I’m very grateful from the Cypress-Fairbank ISD model.

8. I had all 11 lunch duties, which resulted in ketchup on my feet, tears over a baked potato, a shower of lemonade, and confusion over the location of fruit snacks.

9. I finally ate lunch myself while visiting with some friends about all of their new adventures in middle school (also my first class at Regis is now in middle school so I’m kind of obsessed with going up there and checking in).

10. I sat at a lot of recesses today chatting with teachers and watching the boys. I just really want the boys to know who I am so I kind of shoved myself into their lives today, but whatev!

11. I completed chapter 1 of my developmental guidance program.

12. I visited some classes one last time to make sure everyone still had all their belongings.

13. Afternoon carpool . . . no way to describe it but YIKES!

All in all, I would say it was successful, but strange. I would like to say it was really nice to see all the boys, to wander the whole school, and to be a part of everyone’s first day. It opened my eyes and broadened my perspective and to that I thank the day. I know each day will be filled with new things and if they are anything like today, I will truly welcome them!

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