Lazy Saturdays

Does anyone remember this?

Well, I sure didn’t. Not that it hasn’t been sitting on the spare bed and spread out over the entire desk area in our bedroom/study/art room/bike holding area or anything.

So yesterday, on my lazy Saturday, I decided to start working on it again. What better way to kill sometime before the Texans game?

My lazy Saturday also consisted of spending a lot of time on walks with Ocean. I used to dread these walks because they normally consisted of Ocean pulling me around on his leash as he chased birds, squirrels, cats, and smells. I would normally get home with a dislocated shoulder and a pair of broken sandals. So, the whole walk thing used to cause me more anxiety than this whole “apartment living” thing was worth. Until, Spencer and I taught Ocean how to walk without his leash (I must mention it was mostly Spencer’s doing because I’m more afraid Ocean will get run over by a car. I’m more on “trick maintenance,” if you will).

It has been the best thing since peanut butter on cinnamon raisin toast.

So, now I LOVE to go on walks. And who wouldn’t want that adorable face running toward you?

This last thing – did not occur on my lazy Saturday, but instead was created on a very busy Friday.

He is going to be used for some lessons throughout the week. I will update you on his status later, but I thought he was also pretty cute, although not as cute as that unleashed dog!


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