Oatmeal Cookies + Memories

There isn’t any point in the “I wish I would haves.” But let me tell you yesterday, thinking about my Grandma, I was full of them.

Instead of thinking about everything I could have asked her while she was still here, I decided I would do the one thing she really knew how to do well, and I would do it in her honor, bake Oatmeal Raisin Cookies.

My grandmother had a nack for baking, I mean she could make the best baked goods you have ever put in your face! When we would go visit her when we were younger, we could be assured that there would be 4-5 tins full of cookies: oatmeal raisin, chocolate chip, and even something with dates in it. A few years ago, my family and Lindsey vacationed in Mexico. Before heading south of the border, we stopped at my grandma and grandpa’s to A. Say hello, B. pick up cookies, and C. borrow their car to drive across the border to San Carlos, Mexico. During that trip Lindsey and I single handedly ate an entire tin of chocolate chip cookies and to this day I could swear there was a stick of butter in each one of those bad boys!

What this means is, my grandma knew exactly what we loved and she had it ready every time. On many occasions, after we had stuffed ourselves full of cheese, crackers, and cookies while watching Wheel of Fortune, my grandmother would pull the Angel Food cake out of the refrigerator just to show us what we could have after dinner if we ate all our food. Let’s talk about some serious motivation, and right about now let me thank my parent’s for a great metabolism because at this point in the story my brother and I sound obese!

On that note, let me continue with this story, if Angel Food cake was not available, my grandma would have the best chocolate sauce known to man. So instead of pulling the cake out of the refrigerator, she would pull the jar of chocolate sauce out of the cupboard. After dinner, we would sit in the kitchen, scoop ice cream into bowls, and heat the chocolate sauce in the microwave.

I guess you could say many memories of my grandmother occurred in her kitchen, but if only you knew how she baked. Also, the other half of my memories are either on the golf course, doing gymnastics in her backyard, or vacationing in Sedona (plus there are a billion more, but these are the ones that stand out above the rest).

So yesterday as I thought about my grandma, remembering every last ounce of her, I take solace in the fact that I can bake these cookies and at least feel like she is looking down on me, maybe even proud of me.

On this note, I regretfully inform you that I do not have my grandma’s actual recipe, but what is close enough? Paula Dean! In order to fully experience oatmeal cookies Grandma style, I did not veganize these puppies nor omit the 2 sticks of butter that it asks for, and let’s just say Grandma would be definitely proud.

I like my cookies large, but these may have exceeded my expectations.

They are literally the size of a salad plate, you know the one the magazines are now recommending you eat dinner off of? Yes, those plates. My cookies are THAT big!

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