New Knight Lunch Bunch

Last week has come and gone. Before it gets too far away from me, I realized I have not shared the activity I did with my New Knight Lunch Bunch.

I developed groups in each grade level for the new boys. With class sizes averaging at about 15 boys, being the new student is very intimidating. Some of these boys have been going to school together since they were in 4PreK, quite honestly by the time they get to 1st grade, they know each other like brothers. It is a great relationship to have with your classmates, but as an outsider, that environment can be scary, especially for the older ones. So, in an effort to help ease the new students into their classes, the school, and our environment, I set up a lunch bunch just for them. Each lunch bunch gets to eat with me once a week. The activities will range from “getting to know you” type activities, to friendship skills, to community building, etc. I want them to know that I am there for them for all those “extra” questions as well.

This past week’s activities involved Skittles and answering questions about yourself. The questions were as followed:

Purple- Favorite Thing To Do
Red- Great Vacation
Orange- Scary Memory
Green- Something About Your Family
Yellow- Ask a Question – Everyone Answers

Pretty much all the boys had to do was randomly pick a skittle out of a cup, and they talked about whatever the colored skittle asked of them. I put about 6-10 skittles in a cup and it took every last second of the 30 minutes  I had them!
The activity was not only a great way for them to get to know each other (and for me to get to know them), but it reinforced skills such as: listening, eye contact, waiting for others to finish before responding, and taking turns.

I set my standards pretty high. Give them food (candy at that) on the first session, and without it will they still enjoy group as much? Well, lucky for me I had my first meeting with my 3rd/4th grade lunch bunch today and even though they promptly asked if they were getting Skittles today, they were not the least bit upset when the answer was no.

I would like to think I won that popularity point. Miss LeBrasse = 1     Skittles = 0

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