The Bully’s Back in Town

Yes, I remember telling you that I really disliked the word bully, bullying, etc.

Except for when you get 4 boys in your office talking about someone that is picking on them during recess. You cannot reframe their thinking until you actually sit down and discuss with them how bullying is disrespectful and being disrespectful is unacceptable. Respect holds them to a higher standard, rather than the terms victim or bystander. So, in order to reframe, you have to use their language.

Lucky for me I was given the opportunity to do a lesson for a 3rd grade class that is having particular difficulties with this situation.

3rd Grade Bullying/ No Tolerance for Disrespect Lesson

1. I created a flip chart for this lesson. I LOVE the Promethean board and if a teacher allows me to use it, I will take full advantage. I have the slides to the flip chart listed below, if you want the actual flip chart shoot me an e-mail and I’ll gladly forward it along.

The main thing that they have to realize (and I learned this from magnificent supervisor, Robin) is bullying is progressive over time (e.g. not a one time recess argument), it is on purpose, and there is an imbalance of power (e.g. the reason most victims are smaller).

I like to give them a plethora of strategies so that they can eventually become independent problem solvers.

This part of the lesson helps them understand that every disagreement is not considered bullying, nor is an argument always disrespectful. Therefore, I give them conflict resolution strategies. When the boys tell their teachers about disagreements or problems, they are not necessarily tattling, they just lack an understanding of how to solve the problem themselves, and therefore need the proper resources.

2. The game allows them to evaluate situations. They are able to see themselves as the bully, victim, and bystander and evaluate what they would to in the various situation. Some of the scenarios are not considered bullying, but instead a conflict and they are asked to decide which conflict resolution strategy to use.

Gameboard –

Scenario Cards – Safe at School Game Cards

Conflict Resolution Wheel – I have the lesson tomorrow morning bright and early.

Here’s to reframing thoughts and easing recess worries.

20 thoughts on “The Bully’s Back in Town

  1. I would love a copy of your pictures of the flip-board for this lesson – we are just starting our anti-bullying theme in our school and I am trying to create already lessons for teachers in grades K-5. Unfortunately we no longer have counselors in our building and we are hoping that this may help. Thank you Thank you in advance for all your help and your great ideas

    1. Lisa, If you don’t mind giving me your e-mail address I’d be happy to send over all of the information I have for that lesson, as well as other bullying resources. Thank you for stopping by and taking a look at my blog!

  2. Can you please send me the flipboard and any other bullying resources you recommend. I am a high school counselor being moved to a K-6 building and I have no ideas where to start. Your site has amazing ideas! Thank you.

  3. I am starting a classroom group for 5th grade and would love any supplies or slides you can share. Thanks so much. Your site has given me lots of ideas.

    1. To everyone who is commenting on this post! I am working to get my ActiveStudio on a powerpoint. It is proving to be much harder than expected. I will have the powerpoint sent off just as soon as I can.

  4. We are doing our best to address this problem in our school district as well. Any resources you are willing to share is greatly, greatly appreciated. Thanks for all you’ve done!

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