Jellybean Jamboree

How is it possible that I forgot to tell you about my Jellybean Jamboree?

It has been my most exciting piece of mail since my play therapy toys came. And actually right when I got home I got another long awaited package. So they might be tied.

I’m pretty much in LOVE with these Jellybeans. And guess who else is? Little Kindergarteners.

I am going to use this jamboree to help drive my guidance lessons.

Let’s meet the crew:

Angry Arlene, the Grumpy Red Jellybean teaches them to identify when they are angry and how to handle anger in a way that works for them.

Emotional Eugene, the Feeling Blue Jellybean helps students to identify the emotions of happiness, sadness, hurt, and other everyday feelings.

All the Kindergarten boys have already met Eugene. I used him in my Introduction to the Counselor lesson, explaining that Emotional Eugene stays with me to help him understand how to show his feelings.

Decision-Making Dean, the Problem-Solving Orange Jellybean teaches them how to look at both the pros and cons of a situation to aid in problem-solving. It also helps the students identify consequences for their choices.

Me, Maureen, the Self-Knowing Lavender Jellybean gives the students a chance to look at their strengths and develop confidence and positive self-esteem.

Friendly Francine, The Neighborly Pink Jellybean helps them develop good friendship skills.

Ornery Ordean, the Misbehaving Green Jellybean explains why misbehaviors such as cheating, lying, stealing, and interrupting make children lose friends.

Anyways, how could you not love these little guys?

For a few days in a row when I went to do my observations in the Kinder classes, the boys would ask me, either A. “Where is Eugene?” B.”Is Eugene still feeling blue?” or C. “Is Meebie still wearing his band-aid?” – Remember Meebie? Yep, he got hurt and is wearing a band-aid.

I kid you not! I can hardly explain how much of an impression these jellybeans have on these boys. I can’t make this stuff up!

Okay, okay I know you want to know what the package was that tied for first placed in my “favorites” competition.

It was my Vistaprint posters! These will be up in seconds flat on Monday morning!

I got these poster ideas from my new favorite resource.


3 thoughts on “Jellybean Jamboree

    1. Kimberly, I got the Jellybeans and all their lessons from the book Jellybean Jamboree. It is a set of 6 life skill lessons by Susan Jelleberg. You can buy the product off Macro Products. I really love using the jellybeans with K-2 students.

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