To-Do Lists

In an effort to hold high expectations for myself, I decided to make a to-do list yesterday and cross off the items as I went along.

You see it all started when I told Carolyn that each day I have to reward myself for the little things. Example: I put on deodorant this morning. Hooray for me! Day is Successful!

See how easy it is! After rewarding myself for the little things, I can easily convince myself that a glass of wine at the end of the day is greatly warranted! Yesterday, I treated myself to two full hours of Les Mills Classes.

Tuesday’s Productivity List:

* Remember it’s the little things! *

1. Put on deodorant (I wasn’t joking!)

2. Say “Good Morning” to 100 people as they get out of their cars

3. Eat breakfast and later realize I am still hungry –  I never did find a snack . . .

4. Wear flip flops

* Do you see how dark this picture is? This was taken in the morning! Fall is coming and the only good thing about that is Rodeo Season is approaching! *

5. Find Regis Planner

* This is exactly how I found it. I’m always surprised when I find things right where they belong, and what I really wish is that I had enough space to tell you the 100 places I looked before looking down at my table and finding it in my opened notebook! *

6. Request time off for the Broncos vs. Texans Game (Yes, a Colorado Girl at heart, but I’ll be rooting for the Houston Texans!)

7. Deal with piles of data

* This is observation documentation that I promise to explain at a later date. *

8. Listen to O.A.R. (This alone can make my day perfect!)

9. Revise Chapter 3 of my Thesis– this was no simple task and made for a very late night at work

10. 4th grade Guidance lesson – which led to a discussion about how farting at church is considered bucket dipping – perhaps this books is too young for 4th graders 🙂

11. Drink Chocolate Milk from a straw – okay, okay, this happened a couple days but it was so meaningful to me . . . you want the story? You’ve got it!

Monday morning, I had a little one come to me with the ever so popular loose tooth problem. It usually goes like this:
they tell me it’ll hurt if they pull it out, it’ll bleed if they pull it out, or sometimes they come to just tell me how much it hurts.

Yesterday’s problem at least progressed to options A, B, C, and D (NOT my options, these were completed student made). A. Pull out the tooth with your fingers (although it might be slippery) B. Pull out the tooth with a napkin C. Go to the nurse D. Have your dad tie a string to the tooth and the door and then slam it.

This little one chose to go to the nurse and lo and behold she got it out. So he came back, swinging the tooth in its bag, showing me how all of the pieces came out, then asked if he could have lunch with me. I said yes.

He came back with his whole lunch and two chocolate milks, one for him and one for me. It even came with a straw. Let’s just say my heart melted all over my blue carpet.

12. Visit Son of a Citation Machine – the best thing I’ve ever found in grad school.

13. Sing Tally Man by Math Beats

14. Understanding the interesting correlation between my job and the school nurses’ – hearing stories about surgeries, nose bleeds, and loose teeth

15. Play with Kinders

16. Spending much needed time at BodyCombat and BodyPump.

See it’s all about celebrating the little things. No matter what major thing I didn’t accomplish, I can go ahead and chalk it up the fact that I was busy accomplishing the other 16 things on my to-do list. I’d say yesterday was extra productive, wouldn’t you?


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