Class Books

They are as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Honestly, I used to see 1st grade teachers do these things all the time. See I only taught 1st grade math, so I made a plethora of game boards, but class books, not so much. 3rd graders weren’t as interesting in it and so I moved on from my dire need to make class books to settling for individual ones (which still came out darn cute, but they just weren’t the same as missed-matched laminated pages).

Luckily, now that I teach 1st and 2nd again, class books are going to be a big hit (I don’t even care if they are out of style, I’m using them anyways)!!!

My latest ones went with the bucket filling and respect lessons from last week.

Normally, I see teachers place their class books in the classroom library, but very few students sift through mine anymore.

Instead, I tried placing them in the hallway on my bucket filling bulletin board.

There were two options. Either the books would just sit there and collect dust or as the boys walked past on their way to music they would pick the books up and read them.

Much to my delight, the boys actually take them off the wall to read.

I think it is super cute to see the 3rd and 4th graders interested in what the younger grades are doing, or seeing the 1st graders proud to see their book in the hallway, or even the Kindergarteners asking when I will read “that” book to them aloud.

So, bring on the class books . . . I plan on having a mass production!

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