Mile High City or Bust!

Spence and I headed out to the Mile High City to watch our Houston Texans beat the Broncos.

There was much discussion about how we were traitors. Spence is legitimately a Texan – so he is obviously NOT a traitor. I ,on the other hand, was born and raised in Colorado Springs, but I’ve always been a Texas girl at heart . . . just ask anyone who has ever known me.

I’ve aspired to be a Texan since the day jean skirts, cowboy boots, rodeos, and Jack Daniels was invented.

This weekend proved to be more than just a bunch of trash talking – although I’d have to say telling people that “Foster still eats Bronco” was probably the most fun- next to high fiving all the Texans fans out of our Rickshaw Ride on the way home from our victory.

We spent some time with my dad and stepmom at the famous Buckhorn Lodge eating exotic meats (and I don’t want to hear one bit about me being a vegan). This place has literally been around for 30 years.

We had a great tour of downtown – 16th Street Mall, Yardhouse, Larimer Square, Market Street, Patagonia store, the Rio, Patagonia store (yep definitely visited there twice), Rock Bottom Brewery, Blake Street Vault, and Good Times.

Let’s just say all of this combined with the altitude made for an exciting Saturday.

We then got to visit with my mom, Kyle, and Danielle (and of course Aspen!).

We had a wonderful dinner together and headed out on the town again, just to be called traitors and defend our right to root for Battle Red. We swore up and down that Battle Red is better any day then Orange Crush and went home to rest up for the big day!

The big day came full of Battle Red, Liberty White, and Deep Steel Blue!

Texans were victorious since Andre doesn’t mind the thin air and Vegans still eat Broncos.

The Mile High City treated us well, but we are happy to be back home in the welcoming arms of our Texans.

Dang it feels good to be a Texan!


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