Howard B. Wigglebottom

Oh, how the Kindergarteners and 1st graders love Howard!

The lesson was listening and they were going to listen to every last word that little bunny had to say.

Learning Listening Skills in 1st Grade!

Topics Covered: Respect, Communication Skills, and Interpersonal Effectiveness

I found Howard on the website All of the books on the site are animated, which is an instant attention getter. The website also has activity sheets, lessons, posters . . .  pretty much anything you can think of -to enhance the already wonderful book- is on this site.

I chose Howard B. Wigglebottom Learns to Listen as my book for this lesson.

In the story, Howard is having a hard time listening in class, which causes him to get in a lot of trouble. While sitting in timeout, Howard decides that from now on he is going to start listening. As you can imagine, everything starts going right for Howard once he starts listening. He even earns the Number 1 listener star.

After the story, we played a “game” (which is a lesson in disguise, but anything called a game is immediate fun). We were able to do it on the Promethean board so it was very much interactive.

Afterwards, I pulled out my surprise Number 1 Listener Star and told the boys that I was looking for someone who earned it, just like Howard.

We reviewed Howard’s Listening poster so they knew exactly the behaviors for which I was looking.

They listened attentively to directions and got to work on the “Diagram of a Listener” sheet.

Afterwards, they were able to color in a copy of Howard winning the Number 1 Listener Star.

As I exited, I handed out the star.

I plan on bringing a star with me each time I go into the Kindergarten and 1st grade classes.

I’m always afraid that what I teach them will never carry over into their other classes, or home, or recess. So, by bringing the star with me everywhere and handing it out, I’m hoping that someone will ask how they earned the star, or they will be reminded of the importance of the star. Who knows if it will work, but for that moment, they were the best set of listeners I’ve ever seen!


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