I Really Am A Star

Investigating Feelings and Our Enthusiastic Me

A Kindergarten lesson introducing many different feelings, developing the understanding that feelings are not bad or good only our actions, and investigating how our enthusiastic me acts.

Because of our Number 1 listener lesson during small group, I decided to add in a little bit more of this (this as in listening skills) for the whole group (it’s my whole idea of reminders. . . eventually it sticks right?).

I taught the boys how to “look SMART.” I told them that this was exactly how Howard looked while earning the Number 1 listener star in school.

S – sitting straight

M – making eye contact

A – attentive (paying attention – hands in lap)

R – raise you hand (ready to listen)

T – thinking

My hopes are that I can say “look SMART” and all the boys will straighten up and listen up knowing that Number 1 listeners look like that. Who knows if it will work, but it’s worth a try.

Me: Today we are going to think about many different feelings.

Kinders: (hands shooting up in the air) Where is Emotional Eugene? Did you bring him? Is he with Howard and K.T.?

* I seriously can’t make this stuff up *

Me: Emotional Eugene is here because we are going to teach him how to show his feelings. Eugene may not be able to tell others how he feels, but even if someone doesn’t tell how he feels, we can see it by looking at his faces and actions.

Kinders: (Probably have no idea what I’m saying because now they are staring at Eugene)

I read to them “The Way I Feel,” emphasizing the girl’s or boy’s faces and actions. This book also helped introduce some vocabulary besides happy, sad, and mad. The other class read “Today I Feel Silly.”

Then we practiced showing Eugene how to show happy, sad, angry, sleepy, etc. (only on our faces).

I reminded them that there are NO bad feelings. I try to help them understand that what is good or bad is how we show our feelings.

Me: If you are angry or sad, you should never hurt someone. People are not for hitting or kicking.

Kinders: (Nodding, pointing, and hands raised) Yesterday at recess . . . .

*Apparently they used this as confessional/tattling. Not too productive.*

Me: If you are happy, you should share your happiness by filling a bucket.

We completed a page drawing feeling faces on Eugene. Well, one class did Eugene’s page and the other class completed another page because my lessons got off somewhere along the line (this seems to be a constant problem. I’ll get a hold of it one day).

Once the page was complete, we talked about our Enthusiastic Me. We talked about what our Enthusiastic Me does on the playground and in the classroom. I talked to them about how the Enthusiastic Me always whats to have fun and play, which is okay, as long as it is a good time.

I finished the lesson by reminding the boys about SMART and handing out my Number 1 listener star that I now carry with me everywhere.

Today I heard (after giving out the Number 1 Listener Star), “I really am a star. Like the ones in the sky.” And he proudly walked out to meet his mom and carpool. Done! Day complete.

Wait, now my day’s complete . . .


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