Friendship Candy Game

That’s about as creative as I could get with a title. But actually it perfectly describes the lesson I did this past 2 weeks with 1st grade.

I must (once again) give my plug to the Creative Small Group book, which inspired this lesson.

Friendship Candy Game

Topics Covered: Communication Skills, Responsible Behavior, Interpersonal Effectiveness, Respect

After reviewing how to Look SMART and Walk SMART, I began/continued my discussion about friendship. I reminded them how we must be determined to do things that are sometimes difficult for us to do, and that sometimes that’s how friendships work.

I asked if they always got along with their friends. NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! was the resounding answer. So we talked about what parts of friends we enjoy and those we do not. – I think it should be mentioned here that I always give a reminder that NO names are ever used and that this isn’t a time for tattling.

I introduced my beloved, What’s the Recipe for Friendship? book. We talked about the parts of a recipe – ingredients and directions. I explained (much more so than with my 3rd graders) that a recipe is made up of many things that are necessary for everything to taste good. I made the connection of how friendships have many different pieces too. Ones we like and ones we dislike.

After reading, we talked about what we would keep in our friendship bowl and what we would be sure to leave out.

Next came the Candy Game.

The boys colored in the appropriate circles (I gave them which colors to color each circle – a little less chaotic), I asked them to make a circle on the carpet and I passed out our game tokens.

They lined up the token next to the appropriate color and we got ready to play.

We went around the circle picking any color we’d like to talk about. Each boy got a couple turns to share.

“Ask someone nicely to play with you.”

“Play legos with them, or maybe video games.”

“Well, if I push someone and they fall down you can help them up and take them to the nurse.”

Me: And they is a very nice thing to do. Tell me what you can say to your friend.

“Oh ya and I would say sorry.”

“I wish my friends would come over to play.”

Quite honestly, I don’t have a clue what this is asking . . . I pretty much took every answer under the sun!

“When they push you down, or hurt you, like when we are playing at recess or sometimes at P.E. Ya mostly at P.E.”

“I think I will ask them, ‘Do you want to be my friend?’ and they will probably just say yes.”

So, voila. Friendship Candy Game complete! As easy as color, circle up, and share!


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