What do you desire?

I came across an amazing video narrated by Alan Watts asking us to imagine what we would want to do if money were no object.

Many times during vocational guidance, students are unable to name anything that they would like to do with their lives. They cannot name a job that they imagine themselves doing and they cannot tell you what their education has prepared them to do. Education has squelched their creativity, made them think about only the end game, earning money.

And so we are asked, “How would you really enjoy spending your life if money were no object?”

My first response was painting, traveling, and helping others.

It turns out many college students responses are exactly the same,”I would want to be a painter, a poet, a writer.”

Alan Watts recommends, “YOU DO THAT!” Watts recommends that instead of hiding our creative potential, our true desires, we actually act on them, we make them reality. If we begin to settle for things we do not like doing, then we continually fall into the circle of doing things that we don’t like doing, doing things that do not promote our emotional well-being, promote our inner happiness. Therefore, we begin producing children to live the same life in which we were brought up. The life where we must find an end game, we must think logically, we must make money. And therefore, creativity is pushed aside for jobs that do not promote our inner happiness.

Live life to the fullest. And don’t be afraid.

Become a master at the things you enjoy doing in your life. Spread your inner happiness and show others the power behind that growth.

Helping others. That’s where my inner happiness has led me. Perhaps in the near future, I will take the opportunity to do the traveling I desire and combine it with my painting.

So I asked you . . . What do YOU desire?


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