What does it mean to be a loyal friend?

Well, to me it means sharing wonderful guidance lessons. I’ve never met Marissa over at, but with all of the helpful lessons she’s given me this year I have to consider this “friendship” a pretty loyal one.

I’ll take this time to give a big thank you to her as I explain my take on her Loyalty lesson.

Being a Loyal Friend

(For Second Grade)

Topics Covered: Loyalty, Responsible Behavior, Interpersonal Effectiveness, Anti-Victimization, and Communication Skills

One of our character traits for the month of October was responsibility. As we grow into becoming responsible people, part of our responsibility is to be loyal friends. Ones that stick up for each other, encourage each other to do the right things, help each other when times get rough, and become good role models for those around us.

In a school where the boys have known each other since 3PreK, I imagined that this skill would have been innate. But I guess because they are boys, friendships have been built on competition, on games, on physical skill. Therefore, the real bonding of friendship is slightly lacking.

This lesson helped the boys evaluate what it means to be a good friend, a loyal friend.

I always being my lessons with a review of last session. Since my lessons build on each other, this lesson continued on from the Enemy Pie lesson.

I began with a video clip from Toy Story. In the clip, all the toys are interested in Buzz (since he is the newest toy). Since all the attention is on Buzz, Woody becomes increasingly jealous and acts impulsively on his feelings. The other toys think Woody is overreacting and don’t understand why he is getting so angry.

During the clip, I asked the boys to recognize how Woody, Buzz, and Woody’s friends were behaving. To judge whether or not they were being loyal friends.

After the video, I held up character cue cards and we discussed how exactly each character acted. The boys then gave ideas as to how they could have acted differently, filled buckets rather than dip into buckets.

Next the boys broke up into groups of 4 and completed the Toy Story Character Pages, reflecting on how each character acted and how they could have been a loyal friend. I gave them about 15 minutes to complete this before coming to circle and sharing.

As a group, we reflected on loyalty, why it is important to be loyal, and why it is important to have loyal people around you.

Surround yourself with the people you aspire to be like.


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