Today is Different

I woke up this morning feeling so grateful for so many things in my life. I’m not too sure why I keep posting all of the things I’m thankful for, but after a week and a half long hiatus on the blog I felt like I would do one last post of thanks, more like a post of appreciation.


For the first time in over 2 years, I woke up feeling like I had the whole world ahead of me. Perhaps it is knowing that I graduate in exactly a week, maybe it’s because I didn’t think graduating with my Master’s was that big of a deal until my family decided to surprise me by coming out for the graduation, maybe it’s because this new degree opens so many wonderful doors for me and leaves my future wide open, or perhaps I’m looking too far into it, maybe it’s because I have no homework today and plan on making a run to Target for Christmas decorations.


Either way, I’m going to bottle up my good morning gratefulness and send it to everyone I know because without my family, Spencer, Ocean, and my friends, I could have NEVER made it through this program the way I did.


And on the note, I woke up thinking about this poem that was read to my Dad, my brother, and myself at my Grandma and Grandpa’s memorial service. The poem made me smile thinking about my time in Arizona with my family, it made me thankful my mom and dad had brought me up to be the perfectionist overachiever I am, and it actually is a great poem for everything I believe a child should be taught. Almost like Grandma and Grandpa sent down my counseling motto.

A Wish for You My Child

If there was one thing

in life for me to teach you,

I would teach you love . . . .

To respect others so that you may

find respect in yourself.

To learn the value of giving,

so that if ever there comes a time

in your life that someone really needs,

you will give.

To act in a manner that you would

wish to be treated, to be proud

of yourself.

To laugh and smile as much as you can, in order to help bring joy

back into this world.

To have faith in others, to be understanding . . .

To stand tall in this world and to learn to depend on yourself.

To only take from this Earth those things which you really need,

so there will be enough for others.

To not depend on money or material things for your happiness, but

To learn to appreciate the people who love you,

the simply beauty God gave you

and to find peace and security within yourself.

To you, my child, I hope I have taught you all of these things, for they are love.

P.S. These pictures today may seem a little random, but they are pictures of my brother (practically my other weird half) and myself from our time in Arizona this Thanksgiving. So to me (and my brother) they are quite fitting.

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