Emotional Eugene is One Sad JellyBean

A while back the Kindergarteners and I worked with Emotional Eugene to recognize things that make us sad and who is available to talk to when we are feeling that way.

With the recent tragedy only days ago, I thought it was a good opportunity to post something from the perspective of the children. What do they perceive as something capable of making them sad, who would they turn to?



Topics Covered: Responsibility, Communication Skills, Self-Concept Development, Interpersonal Effectiveness

We have been talking about emotions. We know that there are many different emotions. We also know that feelings are neither good or bad, but they can make us FEEL good or bad.


Is anger bad? NO But is hitting your friend when you get angry bad? YES

That’s where our “Impulsive me” steps in.

Let’s say your “Impulsive me’s” favorite toy broke. Your “Impulsive me” could either yell at the friend who broke the toy or tell that friend that they have mad you angry. Which one is the better choice when you feel angry? TELL OUR FRIEND!

Right, we tell someone how we are feeling. When we keep our feelings inside, we make ourselves sick.


Emotional Eugene gets headaches and stomach aches when he holds his feelings in.

Everyone handles their emotions in different ways. How do you think we could handle our sadness?

Eugene has 2 ways:

  1. Write your feelings down
  2. Talk to someone you trust


What makes you sad?

1“When friends don’t play with me.”

3“My pencil breaks sometimes.”

8“He pushed me down.”

Who can you talk to about sad feelings?

2“Emotional Eugene.”

4“You or my mom because you are both girls.”

9“My dad.”

I think we can all take a little lesson from Emotional Eugene about not bottling up our feelings and learning to express ourselves constructively. Can we identify what triggers our sadness, can we locate someone we trust in which to talk?


One thought on “Emotional Eugene is One Sad JellyBean

  1. I completely forgot to mention that this comes from another one of my favorite resources “Jellybean Jamboree” by Susan Jelleberg. She is a genius!

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