Christmas Cheer in the Shape of a T-Shirt

Once upon a time, there was “tacky Christmas sweater” day at work. Two girls went hard at work trying to make the tackiest shirt of all.


They traveled to the far away land, Jo Ann’s Fabrics, to find the materials they would need. The road was rough, filled with traffic and produce stands. When they finally made it home, they laid everything out to see what they acquired along their journey.


Cloth, sweet potatoes, shirts, asparagus, stars, onions, thread, red peppers, puff paint, red potatoes, and glitter all laid out on the kitchen counter.

With the help of one trusty golden retriever, we will call him . . . Ocean, the two girls began cutting, measuring, and stitching.picstitch


When the work was complete, the two girls and one dog admired their work and with a flick their magic wands, their names were scrolled on the back.


Off they went to work that day and the compliments did come.

To this very day, if you ask those two girls who the winners of the “tackiest sweater contest” were they would proudly say, “US!”



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