There is so much that I could write about today (considering it’s been exactly 10 days since I last thought about it), but I think I’ll go with what I have been putting off for the past two months.


Topics Covered: Kindness, Respect, Responsible Behavior, Interpersonal Effectiveness, Self – Confidence Development, Courage

This lesson for first and second graders was inspired by the book Brave Irene, Marissa from Elementary School Counseling, and our Mater virtue, courage, for the month of October (see I told you it was long over due).

Brave Irene by William Steig is about a little girl whose mother becomes ill after completing a dress for the duchess. Irene offers to deliver the dress despite the blizzard happening outside. As she traveled, she came across many difficulties and complications, but each time overcame her fears by putting forth a little courage. I also really like this book because it shows a strong female character.

The discussion after the book helped the boys see how we are able to overcome even the smallest obstacles with a little courage.  The best way I could describe courage to little boys: “Courage is doing something that you know is right even when others are doing something different.”

With my first graders, we did another class book with the picture prompt: “How I can show courage.” We made a brainstorming list to begin the activity and then they completed the picture on their own. I do like to walk around and ask them to tell me about their picture and then for my own memory, I write their words on the bottom.




With my second graders, I tried something new, Table Texting. With table texting, I pose a question/statement and the boys respond to the situation one by one. They can either comment on another boys reply or they can reply to the original question/statement.





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