Working Together with Legos

So, I have this lesson that I used with 4th grade, it was so fantastic that I decided to do it with 3rd grade. . . not so fantastic. So . . . take that as a warning before attempting to adapt this bad boy for younger grades. I guess you could say that this lesson comes with a disclaimer!


Let’s Work Together

Topics Covered: Interpersonal Effectiveness, Decision-Making, Problem-Solving, Responsible Behaviors, and Communication Skills

I was so surprised by this activity that I actually left my body for a split second, hovered over the classroom, and thought, “Gosh darn girl, look at you counseling!” I gave myself a pat on the back and came back to the real world.

Here’s how it goes:

  1. Review concepts such as teamwork, collaboration, communication, and concentration. What do they look like? What does it look like when these are missing and you have to work with another person?
  2. Explain that activity will practice all 4 concepts.
  3. The students were divided into pairs. Each pair received a cup of Legos. The cup contained 14-20 pieces with a matching pair of each piece. photo(1)When the pairs got their cup and returned to their area, they divided the Legos up so that each partner had the same exact pieces. photo(2)
  4. With a divider between the boys, one partner (we will call him Partner A) built something with the Legos. photo(4)Once he was finished building, he was ready to explain how to build his Lego figure to his partner (appropriately named Partner B) using only verbal cues. During the entire project, neither partner was allowed to look at the other one’s figure.
  5. Once the figure have been completed by Partner B, Partner A looked the figure over to see if there were any
  6. They then completed the top portion of the activity sheet.2
  7. Now they reversed roles. Partner B now built something with the Legos and explained it to Partner A. The same steps followed with them completing the bottom of the activity sheet.3256
  8. The activity finished by having the boys complete the back side of the sheet, which helped them process through the activity. 1We finished our lesson with a whole group discussion about how the activity went, using the questions to help guide our conversation.1 3 4

The thing about this lesson is it does take a little prep involving time spent sitting in a mess of Legos, pairing them up, and placing them into cups, but it is well worth it! The conversations that happen while the boys completed the activity were just plain awesome!

Also, if you are interested, here is the activity sheet that used. Build it – Let’s Work Together


4 thoughts on “Working Together with Legos

  1. I love it! Always looking for great team building lessons for my kids. This incorporates communication skills, and writing. I love the drawing and reflection component. Going to do this with my middle schoolers as well because they will love it!

    1. Lisa, What a great idea to do it with middle schoolers, as well. Some times I forget that they like to “play” just as much as the littler ones.

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