Things Come and Things Go

Here’s what I’ve begun to notice a lot while using toys during counseling sessions . . . the toys seem to come and go in cycles.


One day we might be obsessed with the shields and swords. One day the cars, one day the doll house. Lately, it’s been the army men, the little animals I used to use in 1st grade as counters, and BOUNCY BALLS!


See here’s the thing, it’s not like the same group of kids come into my room and play with the same toys over and over again. But, each and every group of boys or individuals that I’ve seen in the past week have gone straight for one of these 3 items. I find it interesting and weird and kind of cool.


Anyways, I have seen army men attached to the top of my doll house with Model Magic. I have seen little animals inside cups, on game boards, in the doll house, and lined up. But these bouncy balls. . .  I find them literally EVERYWHERE! Every afternoon and every morning I am picking up bouncy balls!


But I wouldn’t change it for the world! So, bounce on bouncy balls . . . the boys love you!



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