How Does Your Jellybean Feel Today?

Mine feels like it should be Friday . . . or summertime . . . or Friday during the summertime. Wishful thinking, right?

Well, sadly enough the Kinders saw Emotional Eugene for the last time last week. Surprisingly enough, they were SUPER excited to know who they were going to meet this week. I’m going to hold out on you . . . you will also find out in due time!

How Does Your Jellybean Feel Today?

Adapted From Jellybean Jamboree by Susan Jelleberg.
Topics Covered: Caring, Responsibility, Self-Confidence Development

When most people think about feelings, they think about them as either good or bad. Emotional Eugene has taught the boys that emotions are not good or bad, but they can make us feel good or bad. Like when Emotional Eugene says he feels good, he means he feels happy or excited. If he says he feels bad, he might mean sad or angry.

But there are SO many more emotions than just happy, sad, angry, and blah.


What makes us feel bad? “Friends not playing with you.”

But are there bad feelings? “NO!”

Is it okay to feel sad? When? “Well, probably when you want a toy and can’t get one.”

Is anger bad? “NO!”

If you are bored, what could you do? “Watch my favorite show or play with Legos.”

Now, here comes the fun. I tell the boys that Emotional Eugene and I have a surprise for them. I tell them that before they can get their surprise they have to show Emotional Eugene everything they have learned.

I passed out this sheet:


And ask them to: Circle how you feel RIGHT now in blue. Most were happy because I had just told them that Emotional Eugene had a surprise for them. Circle how you feel when you wake up in red. Most looked for where it said sleepy and circled lonely instead. Circle how you feel at recess in purple. These were pretty interesting. I saw confident, hurt, angry, and happy. I’m pretty sure hurt was circled with the misunderstanding that hurt doesn’t mean you get hurt at recess, despite me telling them 1,000 times. Lastly, circle how you feel when it’s time to go to bed in orange. Once again, they looked for sleepy, couldn’t find it, and circled a combination of scared, lonely, bored, and frustrated.

So, here’s the surprise. They each got their VERY own Emotional Eugene to color, cut out, and take home. I know cheesy, right? WRONG! They LOVED it! Except for the fact that I didn’t have an orange stick for them to glue their Emotional Eugene to.


Anyways, I saw many happy Kinders at carpool these past few days. Smiles glowing and Emotional Eugenes waving in the wind!

Say, bye to Emotional Eugene!



5 thoughts on “How Does Your Jellybean Feel Today?

    1. Lisa, Emotional Eugene and his friends come from a program called The Jellybean Jamboree. My boys LOVE it. I highly recommend buying the program especially for your Kindergarteners.

    1. Jackie, The book is called Jellybean Jamboree. It is a set of 6 life skill lessons by Susan Jelleberg. It is truly amazing. You can buy the product off Macro Products. You’ll be really happy you did!

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