Good Choices vs. David’s Choices

In 1st grade, we reviewed the importance of making good choices. See here is the funny thing, I’m reading them a story (which I’m sure you all have read before) about a boy who is CONSTANTLY making choices that would drive a teacher up the wall in 5 seconds flat. I’m trying to insinuate that they sometimes also make these bad choices, but lo and behold, all any of them could talk about were the consequences David would have received if he was at our school. Not one single one of those light bulbs lit up thinking, “Oh man, I sure did push my friend in line yesterday. That was a bad choice.”


Anyways . . . I suppose that’s why you do more than just read a book, because the rest of the activity went fairly well . . .

David Goes to School

Topics Covered: Responsible Behavior, Self-Confidence Development, Caring, Motivation to Achieve


If it’s okay with you I think I’ll bullet point out this lesson. It’s just one of those lessons that works well with.

  1. Read David Goes to School by David Shannon.
  2. Ask the boys to think about all of the good choices David made in the book  . . . they are hard to[1]
  3. Tell them that they are going to help David decide which choices are good and which are bad.
  4. Split the whiteboard, chalkboard, velcro board, Promethean board (whichever dang board you use) into 2 sections. One with a thumbs up and one with a thumbs[2]
  5. Put all the behaviors on the board. (I just taped the sheets of paper to my board, but you can do it however you feel most comfortable).
  6. One by one have the boys come up and move each behavior to either the thumbs up, good choice, section or the thumbs down, bad choice,[5]
  7. Once they have finished sorting the behaviors, ask the boys to add good choices that we may have forgotten.
  8. Now, have them choose the one good choice they are going to practice that week. I always explain that usually we pick something that we need to work on, not something that we are already good at. For example, if I am really good at following directions, I wouldn’t pick that one. Instead, I would pick playing nicely with my friends, since sometimes I hit my friends on the[3]
  9. On their “David Goes to School” paper, they write and draw the good choice they have picked to practice.32 1

And voila!

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