I Am Special

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, I’m going to give you a lesson so easy it’s hard not to love!


Reasons I am Special

Topics Covered: Responsible Behavior, Self-Confidence Development, Caring

I am special because I am different.

I have been noticing a lot lately, that the 2nd graders are having a difficult time standing out in the crowd. They are mostly a group of followers. This is good when you want your class to get along, but it also makes me sad to see some of these boys hiding what makes them special. They go with the flow, they are very agreeable, and ultimately complacent. Seems like things you would want in an orderly classroom, but this is not what you NEED when encouraging boys to be who they are and developing confidence.


SO, I made up a little story/white lie to help encourage them to be proud of their differences. Differences AREN’T bad, they are what make us special!


I started with a story about how my mom had given me jellybeans for Christmas in my stocking. Don’t even ask me where I got that idea, but some how it just popped in my head. Anyways, here’s the story: I got some jellybeans in my stocking for Christmas. I was SO excited because jellybeans are my favorite candy (lie). I opened the pack of jellybeans and began offering them to my friends and family. When I got to my brother, he told me, “YUCK, I hate jellybeans” (lie). I thought that was so weird. I could not figure out how anyone would not want jellybeans. That’s when I remembered that everyone was different. Just because my brother didn’t like jellybeans, didn’t mean he was weird, he was just different than me. It’s his differences that make him special. Now, I really did elaborate more in the story, but out of considerate for your time, I gave you the condensed version.


I told the boys that our activity today was going to focus on what made them special. I gave them a sheet divided into 3 sections. I am special because I can _____________, I am special because I like _____________, and I am special because I have _____________. Under each section, I placed a bunch of lines. I encouraged the boys to fill in as many of the lines as they could. My only trick was the I am special because I have _____________. I told them that in this section they couldn’t name anything that could be bought with money.


Once they were finished, I, of course, let them color the jellybeans that I copied from my Jellybean Jamboree book (they are too precious not to see everyday).


The boys really did think up some pretty creative things, especially in the “I have” section.


8 thoughts on “I Am Special

  1. Hi there,
    I love your blog. Is there anyway I can get a copy of this worksheet?
    Thanks so much!

  2. Hailey and Christine, I e-mailed both of you the worksheets that go with this lesson. I hope you enjoy it. I actually just did another version of this lesson this week! To start the lesson we talked about how important people’s names are. How our names are given to us to make us even more special and unique. I researched what each boy’s name meant and read it to them aloud. Then we decided, as a group, if it described them or not. Then we talked about what was special in our lives and completed the activity above.

    1. April, This is one of my all time favorite lessons. The first class I ever taught it to is now in 2nd grade and they still refer to what makes them and others special.

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