Feelings Book

I got this idea from a worksheet I saw and pinned from Pinterest. The book was originally meant to be a writing prompt book published by Scholastic. I figured now that the 2nd graders could write without being too overly concerned with spelling things correctly (although I can’t blame them), I would give this book a chance.


I mean I’m pretty sure Scholastic meant to publish this in their nonexistent school counselor magazine, not their teacher’s so I took the liberty of using it in my guidance lesson.

My Book About Feelings

Topics Covered: Caring, Responsible Behavior, Self-Confidence Development

This is another one of my easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy lessons (and yes I have been hanging out with Kindergarteners for far too long, but Spencer would never let me repeat that phrase at home and you are a captive audience so I figured I’d use it with you instead).


Either way, here are the 3 steps:

1. Acquire the book Today I Feel Silly and Other Moods That Make My Day by Jamie Lee Curtis.


Be aware that it does contain the word diarrhea, so if you aren’t up for some laughing I’d find a new book. I, on the other hand, teach all boys. They think it’s hilarious, and I find it hilarious watching them crack up over this kind of stuff. So, I wasn’t afraid.


Oh, and once you have found the book, read the book to your students. Talk to them about how the little girl had a reason for feeling each different way.


2. Explain the Book of Feelings. On each page they are to tell about a time that they felt happy, sad, scared, etc. Here’s the PDF version: Mini Book of Feelings


3. (And always my favorite of all) Color the book until everyone is finished writing their stories.


And remember, simple doesn’t mean it’s any less valuable of a lesson. Just look at all the precious/meaningful things I got 2nd grade boys to write about.


Oh and check out this precious conversation I had with Kindergarteners today!

Kindergarten conversation:

Student 1: Miss L are you married?
Me: Nope.
Student 1: WHAT? You aren’t? That’s crazy. You should probably find a husband. I don’t like that.
Me: Oh okay, I’ll work on finding one.
Student 1: Well how old are you?
Me: 28.
Student 1: I knew it! You should probably wait until you are 30, then you can find a husband.
Student 2: And then you can wear matching clothes!


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