Windows To Our World

It seems like a “Welcome Back” is in order!

I swear I didn’t forget I had a blog to update, I just got slightly lazy, a little tired, and sort of took an early (in my mind) Spring Break.


With our classes doing Service Projects all over the Houston community, I stayed back to take leftover students to recess and update you on a cool activity I did with 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders!

Windows To Our World

Topics Covered: Caring, Responsible Behavior, Self-Confidence Development, Motivation to Achieve

The main purpose of this activity was to get the boys to take a step back and evaluate how they spend their time, who they spend it with, and what their “inside” world looks like through the eyes of another person.


I had started the lesson with the boys envisioning that they were standing on the outside of their classroom looking in. I had them think about all the things they could see, but not hear or experience. They could only get a snapshot about what was going on.

I told them to now picture that I was the person standing outside the window. I had them explain to me everything I would see if I was looking in.

With that, I had the boys divide a sheet of paper into 4 different sections. They labeled the sections: Home, School, Friends, Myself.


I wanted them to draw a picture as if I was looking through a window to see what would be happening in their life at home, in school, with their friends, and by themselves.

I gave them about 4-5 minutes to work on each picture. I encouraged them NOT to use words, but to explain their world to me through only a drawing.

At home:photo[3]

At school:photo[4]With friends:photo[5]By myself:photo[6]

At the end of our time, I had the boys talk about their pictures with their table groups.

A lot of it consisted of: “Oh ya I play that video game at home too.”

or: “Wait, where am I in this picture?”

or: “You have a DOG?”

I decided that since the boys were so excited to share their windows, I would hang them in the hallways (with their names on the back of the picture). In some instances, the boys were embarrassed about their pictures for one reason or another and for these boys I just kept their windows in my filing cabinet.

I never want them to be afraid to express themselves if they aren’t sure if their work is going in the hallways. It seems that through my experience this year, the boys are eager to see their activities hung in the hall so they can compare their picture to others. BUT I always leave it an option to have your work stay in my file cabinet.

If I could share a window from my world it would look something like this (taken as if I was in the room looking at my own surroundings) . . .

At home: photo[8]At school/work: photo[7]With friends:599005_10100309761248192_1557563594_nMyself (or maybe not 🙂 ): photo[9]


So ya, by the way . . . I got engaged . . . I was also busy doing that while I wasn’t updating my blog :).


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