Vegan Banana Bread + A Random Day Off

I woke up on this beautiful April morning and decided I needed some breakfast.



A pretty lame story starter I’ll admit, but I guess I should tell you that I also have this random day off of work, which might help you understand how I managed to make Vegan Banana Bread on this bright and sunny April morning.

It all started when my regular breakfast food looked like this on my kitchen counter.


Pretty inconvenient if you ask me. Defeated, I sat down at the computer (ready to engage in my daily, obsessive wedding blog stalking) with my cup of coffee, figuring I’d just head to spin class and deal with my breakfast problem during lunchtime.


Well, that was until my fingers mindlessly started typing Vegan Banana Bread into the Google box.

That’s when I came across 1,000,000,000 recipes for Vegan Banana Bread, out of sheer luck I clicked on this one.

With much time to spare before my 12:00 spin class and the NEED to move past wedding planning for at least 15 minutes, I began pulling my banana bread supplies out of the cupboard.



On a side note, I watched this documentary not too long ago that talked about how sugar is the main reason everyone in the U.S. is so obese. He named hundreds of things we eat each day that contains more sugar than we are aware of. I vowed on that day to decrease my sugar intake . . . until I realized that would eliminate my Cinnabon coffee creamer and obviously this homemade banana bread. Yes, my friends, I dumped 1 full cup of sugar into this recipe! I vow to “try” and reduce my sugar intake, but I CANNOT make any promises!


I can’t say there is anything much better than a random day off, spontaneous banana bread, a cup of coffee, and a loving dog face.

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