Yes, You Can!

This lesson is geared towards older students, I used it with my 3rd grade class. If you recall, we’ve been having some “bullying” problems. Actually, let me try to rephrase this . . .


I can’t stand labeling things as “bullying” problems, “bullies,” etc, so in this instance it is more a problem of recognizing, appreciating, and accepting other people’s differences. Out of desperation,  I searched high and low looking for the perfect lesson to not only teach an acceptance of difference’s, but to foster an environment of respect and success.

After much searching, I found an inspirational video about the Hoyt family, known as Team Hoyt. Perhaps, you’ve heard of them. Unfortunately, this was my first encounter and I wish I had known about them much sooner. Team Hoyt is an inspirational story of a father, Dick Hoyt, and his son, Rick, who compete together in marathons and triathlons across the country. Seems fairly normal until you visit their website and you see the WHOLE story. In fact, the video I showed the boys illustrated the whole story and the dedication, love, and acceptance this family had for each other.

I don’t even want to tell you anymore about the family. . . yes, I am giving you homework. Go to their website and let them inspire you!


Yes, You Can!

Topics Covered: Caring, Responsible Behaviors, Respect, Self-Confidence Development, Motivation to Achieve

You know how much I love my simple lessons that make a point without me even having to try. Well, check out this one:

  1. Have your students watch this video about Team Hoyt (it’ll speak for itself). Be sure to allow time for the students to directly reflect on the video. They will have LOTS of questions so be sure to read up about the family on their website.
  2. Reflect individually about what you could be dedicated to, how you can show your appreciation, and what you will never give up on.
  3. Have the students write, draw, and share.

My ending products looked something like this . . .







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