Would You Rather?

Would you rather  . . . game for all ages.


Oh, don’t I remember the days. We’d have sleepovers in 7th grade and go round and round with our “Would you rathers.” Drinking sodas, eating potato chips, rolling around in our sleeping bags. Wow, this picture is dorkier than I remember. But, either way, your friend would get you stumped with a great would you rather, the rest of your friends would oohhh, and oh no, while you decided the best/least embarrassing choice.


Would you rather prank call Suzie’s mom or Jimmy?

Would you rather wear glasses to school or have your shirt on inside out?

Would you rather have a bad hair day or wear that skirt you don’t like to school?

Yes, ladies and gentlemen these were the perplexing, hard-faced questions of my childhood.


So, why not make these “Would you rathers” school appropriate and have my 3rd graders work on reasoning and problem solving skills?


Would you rather?

Topics Covered: Self-confidence development, Problem-solving, Reasoning, Decision-making

I’m not too sure where I came across these school appropriate “Would you rathers,” but if they are your’s please step forward and claim them! They are awesome!


I printed these “Would you rathers,” and simply had the boys work in pairs to answer as many as they could. Now, I would NEVER allow my activity to be that simple!


Here was the trick, yes they answered which they would rather do, BUT they had to give a reason why. And not only did they have to give a reason why, but both group members had to agree not only on the choice but also on the reason. This was easier with some groups


and not so easy with others.


It ended up not only helping the boys with decision-making, reasoning, and problem-solving, but also with teamwork and cooperation. Who would have known?


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