Connecting With Others

I have two major things to share . . .

1. I went back to school. . . You might recall that I was either A. debating about whether or not to go back and take my last 4 classes so I could become an LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor) or B. I had already decided to go back. Depends on which me, you were talking to at the time.

Either way, I did go back. I have 4 classes left to take before taking my National Certified Counselor’s Exam and then I become an LPC-Intern. Mainly, I want more skills under my belt. More experiences = a better counselor. You might also know that I love learning . . . which is a dorky teacher thing to say (and I can say it because I was a teacher for 6 years), but it’s so true! I cannot get enough of learning new things.

Once I have my LPC-Intern license, I will be supervised for 3,000 clinical hours before becoming a full LPC. Who knows my plans at that point . . . I have many people demanding they know if I’ll be leaving the school system, but my answer is a plain, “I don’t know.” I feel like one of the boys I teach, to which I would say, “t’s okay to not know.” And so I’ll stay there, allowing my future to be completely open.

Now on to #2 . . . I MUST , MUST, MUST share with you a book that I do not talk enough about. I have shared some lessons from this book, but I feel like I HAVE to tell you to go buy it. I’m more of a “like it once, use it again, like it 100 times, tell people to BUY IT!” type of girl.

photoAnyways, I insist you go buy Connecting With Others Grades K-2 by Rita Richardson . . . and as we speak I just realized I should probably go try the grades 3-5 one. See I’m a bit at an advantage. Dr. Rita Richardson is a professor at my university and in fact my research professor has all her Connecting With Others books in her office. So, if I want to try another grade section (shall we call it?) then I can just walk on over there and ask her. I’ll let you know what I think about the older grade one. And NEWSFLASH: she even has one for high school.

photo2ANYWAYS, Connecting With Others (CWO) has 6 skill areas for teaching children social and emotional competence. In the K-2 book, it covers developing a concept of self and others, socialization, problem solving and conflict resolution, communication, sharing, and empathy/caring. Each lesson even provides you with a concise goal with multiple objectives. This helps me better alight the CWO lessons with the ASCA skill and content areas I need to cover.


Right now, I am using Skill Area 4: Communication with my 2nd graders. If you want to know if they like it, take it from my latest lesson in which a 2nd grade boy told me, “Great lesson today, Miss L.” And I kid you not, cross my heart, those exact words came out of a 7 year old mouth!

The lesson you ask . . . I promise to share it on Thursday . . . as long as I get my homework done.

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