Ornery Ordean, The Misbehaving Green Jellybean

Last year, I frequently talked about my Jellybean Jamboree. I used the Jamboree only with my Kindergarteners and it was a hit!


Such a hit that I now use the Jellybeans with Kindergarten and 1st grade. I can get through about 3 jellybean lessons a year. So, with 6 total jellybeans the boys will have met all 6 by the end of their 1st grade year.

Last year, I started Kindergarten off by introducing them to Emotional Eugene, who taught them about their feelings. This year I started the year off by introducing Ornery Ordean.

You see Ordean’s biggest problem is that he doesn’t know how to follow the rules. I enlisted 27 Kindergarteners’ help to try and teach Ordean some gentleman rules.

Ornery Ordean, The Misbehaving Green Jellybean

Topics Covered: Fairness, Respect, Communication Skills, and Interpersonal Effectiveness

The first lesson for Ordean introduces the boys to Ordean’s rule breaking. But I tell them that even though we will teach Ordean some of our rules, he will also be able to teach us some things.

All jellybean lessons begin by having the boys identify what they think is important about the new jellybean. Usually they will pick out their color as the #1 most important thing about them. And this is true.

I take time here to stand on my little “you are special” soap box. If you recall from last year, my big push for the boys was for them to understand and recognize that being different isn’t bad, it’s what makes us special.

So, what is special about Ordean? He is green!


That’s not all there is to learn about Ordean though. The boys learn how Ordean acts. The first lesson begins with a story about Ordean so they can understand why he is called Ornery Ordean, the Misbehaving Green Jellybean.

“There is one jellybean at Jellybean Elementary that didn’t know how to be nice.”

Can we all guess who it is?

“I was surprised because I thought all the jellybean friends knew how to be nice.”

Raise your hand if you know how to be nice.

“That’s what I thought. All of you know how to be nice. Which makes me think Ordean should know how to also! Do you think Ordean knows how to be nice? Maybe he has never learned how! Could that be the problem?” . . . of course they think that’s the problem.

“Do you think Ordean is happy when he is not acting so good? I didn’t think so either.”


Let’s make a list of all the ways we know how to be nice and then maybe Ordean will try one of them!

Next, we began creating our Ordean puzzle. Color, cut, glue back together on construction paper.

On the back of the construction paper, we wrote the one thing we hoped Ordean would try.

2 thoughts on “Ornery Ordean, The Misbehaving Green Jellybean

    1. Kimberly, I got the Jellybeans and all their lessons from the book Jellybean Jamboree. It is a set of 6 life skill lessons by Susan Jelleberg. You can buy the product off Macro Products. I really love using the jellybeans with K-2 students.

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