Being Nice

It basically feels like forever since I have A. written a post and B. since I have talked about my Jellybeans.


One of the units in Jellybean Jamboree is all about friendship. I think the unit does a great job of hitting “hot” friendship topics and covers a wide range of how to be a good friend and how to deal with friends who are unkind. The unit discusses qualities of friends, sharing, being nice (kind words and actions), feeling left out, listening to each other, and being special.

So here is the unit wrap up in a nut-shell:

Friendly Francine: Friendship Skills

Friends are . . . 

The first lesson focuses on describing qualities of friends. What does a good friend look like, act like, sound like?



Oh yes . . sharing. Seems like something we should know how to do, yet it is the #1 tattled upon action in all of elementary school. This lesson helps the boys realize that sharing is one of the many qualities of a good friend. It falls under “Fairness,” which we practiced, and includes taking turns! The boys also explore those things that we do not and should not share.



Being Nice

3What does being nice mean? The boys explore that in order to have good friends they must say and do kind things for others. The boys recognize actions and words that help friendships.


One Left Out

This is probably the singular most important lesson of all. Most 1st graders I talk to get their feelings hurt when they “have no one to play with.” In this lesson, the boys understand what it feels like to be left out and learn that friends do not exclude one another and instead “the more the merrier.”

9The boys also being to understand that everyone likes to do different things. We have different friends to do different things with.

4Friends Listen to Each Other

This lesson not only emphasizes the importance of listening to one another, but it also helps the boys make a plan of people they can talk to when they need an ear to listen.



6As always, I emphasize specialness to the boys. What makes us different, is what makes us special. We learn from people that are different than us. The Jellyfly lesson teaches the boys that what is most important about friends is how they act and treat us, not what they look like. We know that we appreciate our differences so that we can learn from our friends.



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