Believe in Magic

photo(16)During my first year of student teaching way back in 2005, my amazing mentor teacher gave me the book The Magic Hat by Mem Fox. Her instructions were simple . . . you need to read this book to our first grade class and do a writing activity afterwards. Being the new teacher I was, I was SUPER excited to get an activity together. Read more


Why I Turned Down The Opportunity of a Lifetime . . .

I recently read an article in Psychology Today that talked about reinventing yourself. It hit home  . . .

True to form, I am just as reactive to situations as any good six year old boy. I see it every day, I’m asked about it everyday . . . how do we get student A to start thinking and stop being so impulsive? In these situations, I have all sorts of tricks and ideas as to why these students are impulsive, how to get them to stop acting and start thinking, but when it comes to myself¬† . . . . when the going gets tough, I have a horrible track record of jumping ship.


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