Workout Obsessed

If I could give myself a diagnosis (which I technically can in approximately 2 semesters, 4 classes, or 7 months however you’d like to look at it) it would be Obsessive Compulsive, with a touch a of Perfectionism.

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Why did I once again decide to tackle body pump and dance all in one Saturday? Well it may be because I thoroughly enjoyed last week’s pain fest or maybe I’m a complete sucker for peer pressure. And by peer pressure I mean Lauren text me, asked if I was going to dance, and my immediate reply was yes. I can’t help myself. I’m also a big advocate for time with friends and an hour of hair flipping. Read more


Workouts and Weddings

Les Mills + Dance class = one seriously hurting body!

I normally work out once a day if not twice. I have that luxury in the summertime considering I only had one summer school course (by far the most relaxing summer I’ve had since I graduated high school). Read more