Believe in Magic

photo(16)During my first year of student teaching way back in 2005, my amazing mentor teacher gave me the book The Magic Hat by Mem Fox. Her instructions were simple . . . you need to read this book to our first grade class and do a writing activity afterwards. Being the new teacher I was, I was SUPER excited to get an activity together. Read more


Why I Turned Down The Opportunity of a Lifetime . . .

I recently read an article in Psychology Today that talked about reinventing yourself. It hit home  . . .

True to form, I am just as reactive to situations as any good six year old boy. I see it every day, I’m asked about it everyday . . . how do we get student A to start thinking and stop being so impulsive? In these situations, I have all sorts of tricks and ideas as to why these students are impulsive, how to get them to stop acting and start thinking, but when it comes to myself¬† . . . . when the going gets tough, I have a horrible track record of jumping ship.


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Goals, Hopes, and Fears

I have officially found my new favorite activity!!!

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SMART Goal-Setting

A while back in 4th and 5th grade, we worked on appropriate goal-setting.

After working with my study skills group for a few months I realized that they had trouble making realistic and appropriate goals for themselves. They either made goals that were WAY too difficult, therefore leading to inevitable failures, or they didn’t trust their own abilities and made goals that were extremely easy. Read more


Yes, You Can!

This lesson is geared towards older students, I used it with my 3rd grade class. If you recall, we’ve been having some “bullying” problems. Actually, let me try to rephrase this . . .

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My Philosophy

After 3 months of jumping in to this new job, I was asked by my practicum professor to write my philosophy, the implications of me as a counselor. After a lot of thought, I decided to post the paper I had written for her. It is quite long, but it definitely did it’s job of describing exactly why I wanted to become a counselor and my belief about why counseling is important. Read more


It’s Not All Puppies and Rainbows

Well. . . I was met with my first resistance tonight. Starting something new is definitely not easy, especially in a school where your position was non-existent up until now. I thought that I had covered all my bases, answered all the expected questions in my brochure, and even created a letter introducing myself, my passion for the development of the whole child, and my education, but none of these things could have prepared me for the bombshell dropped on me tonight. Read more