It’s Mine!

It’s Mine!

Each year, as part of my Friendly Francine Unit (from Jellybean Jamboree) I do with Kindergarteners, we talk about sharing. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to reiterate the point in 1st grade. I thought it was especially important this time around not to emphasize sharing, but more . . . what we shouldn’t be sharing. With multiple food allergies throughout the school, I thought it was important to stress the idea of not being able to share food or medicine.

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The Misbehaving

Let’s back up a bit . . . let’s say 4 months? Picture yourself back in September (as painful as it might be for educators). You see although we might be deep into January 2014, my lessons are backlogged to September 2013!

In September of this school year, the boys were practicing responsibility. And for Kinders, this applied to responsible school behaviors. It’s a big responsibility jump from 4PreK to Kindergarten and these boys needed a few lessons to remind them of all that they are responsible for at school.

I introduced Responsibility to my Kinders and 1st graders by reading the book Paperboy by Dav Pilkey. It is a good example of doing what you are supposed to do even if you’d rather be doing something else. Read more


Being Nice

It basically feels like forever since I have A. written a post and B. since I have talked about my Jellybeans.


One of the units in Jellybean Jamboree is all about friendship. I think the unit does a great job of hitting “hot” friendship topics and covers a wide range of how to be a good friend and how to deal with friends who are unkind. The unit discusses qualities of friends, sharing, being nice (kind words and actions), feeling left out, listening to each other, and being special. Read more


Ornery Ordean, The Misbehaving Green Jellybean

Last year, I frequently talked about my Jellybean Jamboree. I used the Jamboree only with my Kindergarteners and it was a hit!

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How Does Your Jellybean Feel Today?

Mine feels like it should be Friday . . . or summertime . . . or Friday during the summertime. Wishful thinking, right?

Well, sadly enough the Kinders saw Emotional Eugene for the last time last week. Surprisingly enough, they were SUPER excited to know who they were going to meet this week. I’m going to hold out on you . . . you will also find out in due time! Read more


Blah Beaters


In Kindergarten, we have been doing a lot of talking about feelings. Feelings that make us feel good and some that make us feel, well, bad. This lesson is dedicated to a feeling us, adults, probably identify with often. Let’s play a game . . .

Oh, on that note, have I ever talked to you about my teaching philosophy? My motto/teaching philosophy came about one day when one of my Kindergarten teachers said to me, as I was picking up 5 incredibly hyped up Kindergarteners, “Whatever you do in there must be pretty fun.” And my exact response/motto/teaching philosophy was, “Any thing called a game is fun!” And off we went, momma duck and her 5 hyped up ducklings. So, am I right or am I right? Anyways back to the game I want to play with you. It’s called, “Guess what feeling I’m talking about.”

This feeling is not a happy feeling. But it’s not a sad feeling either. This feeling might make you want to watch a funny movie or just relax in bed. Any guesses?

It’s called “The Blahs.” Now, do you know what I’m talking about?


Well, anyways Kindergarteners definitely don’t have a CLUE. So, I ended up talking about many times that I’ve felt the blahs. I pretty much described it like those days that you wake up and you just don’t feel like yourself, but you don’t really know what’s wrong. For Kindergarteners, this is probably the morning that they tell their parents that they don’t want to go to school when they are normally bounding around at 6am.

I had the boys try to identify times that they may have felt this way. I explained that normally we do not like feeling “the blahs.” So . . . what do we have to do? We have to find ways to beat the blahs, appropriately named “Blah Beaters.”


Emotional Eugene beats the blahs by watching a funny movie that makes him laugh. We all pulled out our Thinking Mes and began brainstorming things we would like to do to beat the blahs.


I made a big list on the board.

  • Playing outside
  • Eating a cookie
  • Talking to my mom
  • Playing video games
  • Watching T.V.
  • Fishing
  • Decorating the Christmas Tree
  • Playing in my room
  • Petting my dogs


The activity asked them to decide on the best “Blah Beater” for them and draw it on the paper. Simple, yes, that simple.


Oh, by the way, this is just another lesson adapted from the Jellybean Jamboree. How many copies of this book do you think I’ve sold? One of these days you will see a commercial of me with a Jellybean on a stick, smiling, and teaching Kindergarteners.



It Hurts

What does it mean when someone says, “That hurt my feelings?”

A lesson from Jellybean Jamboree for my Kindergarteners.

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Emotional Eugene is One Sad JellyBean

A while back the Kindergarteners and I worked with Emotional Eugene to recognize things that make us sad and who is available to talk to when we are feeling that way.

With the recent tragedy only days ago, I thought it was a good opportunity to post something from the perspective of the children. What do they perceive as something capable of making them sad, who would they turn to?

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It’s as easy as spending 30 minutes everyday with Kindergarteners.

I know. I talk about it all the time. Perhaps I need a back story to help explain my obsession.

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I Really Am A Star

Investigating Feelings and Our Enthusiastic Me

A Kindergarten lesson introducing many different feelings, developing the understanding that feelings are not bad or good only our actions, and investigating how our enthusiastic me acts.

Because of our Number 1 listener lesson during small group, I decided to add in a little bit more of this (this as in listening skills) for the whole group (it’s my whole idea of reminders. . . eventually it sticks right?). Read more