New name! But Why?!

Before starting this blog in 2012, I was a first year school counselor, a grad student, member of a professional dance team, and a side artist. I had little time and quickly became frustrated with the lack of resources I was finding out there for busy school counselors like myself. I started the blog in hopes of helping others around me with similar issues. Read more


Grass-Fed Buffalo Tacos + Flourless Zucchini Brownies

I know I am supposed to be a Vegan, but I really cannot pass up grass-fed buffalo off of the Rogers’ ranch in Colorado. In fact this meat is SO good for you, I wouldn’t consider it meat at all (perhaps I’m just trying to make myself feel better). Also, we just ordered $200 dollars worth and it is packed into our freezer. So you can judge all you want, I’m going to continue eating my “non-meat” meat. Read more


Oatmeal Cookies + Memories

There isn’t any point in the “I wish I would haves.” But let me tell you yesterday, thinking about my Grandma, I was full of them.

Instead of thinking about everything I could have asked her while she was still here, I decided I would do the one thing she really knew how to do well, and I would do it in her honor, bake Oatmeal Raisin Cookies. Read more


Roasted Vegetable Pasta

It’s official. I love this recipe. Why? Well because I’ve made it twice and liked it both times. Like + Like = Love (in my book).

The first time I made it I took it over to Scott and Stephanie’s house for a little dinner and visit with their new darling addition, Addison. I remembered really being surprised with how well it all turned out. So, I decided to see if it was a fluke or if it really was that good. Read more


Sometimes I Cook

I truly enjoy cooking, I just don’t have too much spare time to do so, unless it’s summer time. This summer, Spence and I decided to go vegan. Spence is much better at it than I am, I would like to say I am better at being a vegetarian considering I like to snack on cheese while having wine and visiting with friends. But, this week I did much better.
I pulled out my trusty “Cooking Light Way to Cook Vegetarian” cookbook (and a glass of wine) and got started. Read more