Summertime Cilantro Quinoa

Summertime Cilantro Quinoa

There is nothing that puts me more in the mood for cooking than a beautiful day. Sunny skies, perfect temperatures, and a lazy Sunday all remind me that summer is right around the corner. I feel happier and more energetic. I got more done today than I ever could get done on these rainy, dreary work weeks in Houston. Read more


New name! But Why?!

Before starting this blog in 2012, I was a first year school counselor, a grad student, member of a professional dance team, and a side artist. I had little time and quickly became frustrated with the lack of resources I was finding out there for busy school counselors like myself. I started the blog in hopes of helping others around me with similar issues. Read more


Comfort Food for Chilly Weather

My mom came to visit this weekend.

PS. By the looks of this photo you may need to know that on Saturday it was NO WHERE near chilly. So not only were we sweaty, but our skin had some nice color added to it (I clearly need to defend the looks of me).
Anyways . . . It’s one of her many trips to visit me, but this one we started 5 years ago when I moved to Houston. Each year she comes down to run the Race for the Cure Houston. Read more


Roasted Vegetable Pasta

It’s official. I love this recipe. Why? Well because I’ve made it twice and liked it both times. Like + Like = Love (in my book).

The first time I made it I took it over to Scott and Stephanie’s house for a little dinner and visit with their new darling addition, Addison. I remembered really being surprised with how well it all turned out. So, I decided to see if it was a fluke or if it really was that good. Read more


Workouts and Weddings

Les Mills + Dance class = one seriously hurting body!

I normally work out once a day if not twice. I have that luxury in the summertime considering I only had one summer school course (by far the most relaxing summer I’ve had since I graduated high school). Read more


Sometimes I Cook

I truly enjoy cooking, I just don’t have too much spare time to do so, unless it’s summer time. This summer, Spence and I decided to go vegan. Spence is much better at it than I am, I would like to say I am better at being a vegetarian considering I like to snack on cheese while having wine and visiting with friends. But, this week I did much better.
I pulled out my trusty “Cooking Light Way to Cook Vegetarian” cookbook (and a glass of wine) and got started. Read more


The Meaning of Play

Scenes from Saturday:

Yesterday’s activities gave me sometime to relax and reflect on my new readings. Read more