New name! But Why?!

Before starting this blog in 2012, I was a first year school counselor, a grad student, member of a professional dance team, and a side artist. I had little time and quickly became frustrated with the lack of resources I was finding out there for busy school counselors like myself. I started the blog in hopes of helping others around me with similar issues. Read more


Workout Obsessed

If I could give myself a diagnosis (which I technically can in approximately 2 semesters, 4 classes, or 7 months however you’d like to look at it) it would be Obsessive Compulsive, with a touch a of Perfectionism.

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It’s Not All Puppies and Rainbows

Well. . . I was met with my first resistance tonight. Starting something new is definitely not easy, especially in a school where your position was non-existent up until now. I thought that I had covered all my bases, answered all the expected questions in my brochure, and even created a letter introducing myself, my passion for the development of the whole child, and my education, but none of these things could have prepared me for the bombshell dropped on me tonight. Read more


Workouts and Weddings

Les Mills + Dance class = one seriously hurting body!

I normally work out once a day if not twice. I have that luxury in the summertime considering I only had one summer school course (by far the most relaxing summer I’ve had since I graduated high school). Read more