Workout Obsessed

If I could give myself a diagnosis (which I technically can in approximately 2 semesters, 4 classes, or 7 months however you’d like to look at it) it would be Obsessive Compulsive, with a touch a of Perfectionism.

This combination suits me well at work where I do not take mistakes easily, where I am the soul manager of a program that has never been developed, where I teach or counsel 150+ students. Mistakes are NOT acceptable in a place where you are trying to establish yourself and so my OCD/Perfectionist combo works well here.

It also works well at grad school where anything besides an A is unacceptable, actually let’s just say anything below a 95% and I’m wasting my time. I have the ability to proof read a paper 5 times and find something wrong with all 5 times – which works out well for my “I will only stop proof reading when there aren’t any more corrections” guideline.

Where it is not at all helpful is with my eating. About 4 years ago, I was obsessed with keeping things out of my mouth. I LOVED to hear my stomach growl and know I could control when I would next eat. Not an eating disorder per se, more like an obsession with how awesome it was to know I had full control over this aspect of my life, later turning into a straight obsession. But after a dozen people asking me if I was feeling okay, or telling each other how worried they were about me, I got the hint and changed obsessions . . . workouts.

Which brings me to today. I am completely and utterly obsessed with working out. My whole day revolves around it. During the summer, I would workout in the morning, run errands, work out during lunch, run errands (or paint), work out before Spence got home or before I had to go to class, and I would shower . . . sometimes ending my night with a ride on the elliptical. Well, as you can assume I now have to add work and school back into the equation and it wasn’t easy. For example, with Fall Break this week I decided I deserved quite a break and only managed to get my booty to the gym 3 times. Luckily for me there is Saturday:

Bombshell Boot Camp 

Look hard – can you find me??

Yes! VERY sweaty hair! – PS that’s me in the black shirt.

Wrap up party from last session.

There are 6 week sessions with 2 week break sessions in between.

Les Mills Body Pump

Houston Metropolitan Dance Center’s Hip Hop Dance Class

This first video showcases one of our rehearsal’s from Kerry’s birthday show. We will be performing the whole show Nov. 3rd! A lot of work to! It’s also pretty easy to find me . . . I’m the only blonde.

This is another dance we will be during the show. Learned it a week ago. Also easy to find me . . . I’m wearing neon :).

3 hours of working out and 3 LuLulemon outfit changes later I decided to head to Whole Foods for a healthy lunch.

If strength training truly continues burning calories 36 hours after your workout, I should be good for the next 108 hours  . . . or until my booty hits the seat of the bike in spin class tomorrow morning.

Happy, healthy Saturday everyone!!!


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